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The Mechanical Engineering Department has strong research expertise in the areas of Acoustics and Noise Control, Computational Mechanics, Design, Dynamics and Control, Manufacturing, Microfluidics, Nanotechnology and Tribology and their applications to the aerospace, automotive and other industrial sectors.

Most research projects are conducted with international collaborations with institutions in the US and Europe. The Department also has plans to develop several research areas consistent with the strengths of Bilkent University and with a vision to develop new and important technologies in Turkey. Among these are micro-systems and their design and manufacturing that will benefit from advances in nanotechnologies. Information on ongoing research activities can be found in the research group websites.

The Mechanical Engineering Department offers MS and PhD degrees. The Department provides a number of scholarships and research assistantships to qualified students.

The details of the application process and requirements can be found on Bilkent University’s Graduate Programs Information website.

Bilkent University invites you to our online open house on Saturday, March 25th, 2023 for the Graduate School of Engineering and Science to learn more about our graduate programs. Program information can be found on Bilkent University's Graduate School Open House Program Information website.


 MScPhD.Direct PhD.
Restricted ME Graduate Technical Elective Group I,II,III,IV2*2*2*+ 2*
ME Graduate Mathematical Elective Group V112
Graduate Elective Group VI236
Graduate Elective or Undergraduate Elective Group VI1**XX
ME Courses112
Total number of courses8816
Master’s Thesis / Ph. D. DissertationME599ME699ME699
Research Methods and Academic Publication EthicsGE500GE500GE500
* Different courses from each group

* *Only for Master of Science (MSc) with Thesis, one 3XX or 4XX course may be taken from other Engineering or Science Departments subject to approval by the advisor and the department.  

GROUP I (Restricted ME Graduate Technical Elective)
Area Course
Dynamic Systems and Controls ME 565 Dynamics
ME 561: Vibration of Linear and Dynamic System
EEE 501: Linear Systems Theory
ME 525: Introduction to Nanomechanics
ME 571: Advanced System Modelling
ME 564: Topics in Modern Dynamics
ME 574: Mobile Robots
GROUP II (Restricted ME Graduate Technical Elective)
Area Course
Manufacturing and Design ME 500: Integrated Product Development
ME 556: Advanced Manufacturing
ME 657: Nano-Micro Manufacturing
ME 575: Micro/Nano Robotics
GROUP III (Restricted ME Graduate Technical Elective)
Area Course
Mechanics and Materials ME 550: Continuum Mechanics
ME 551: Mechanics and Materials
ME 652: Intro to Solid Mechanics II
ME 554: Mechanics of Composite Materials
ME 546: Applications of Solid Mechanics
GROUP IV (Restricted ME Graduate Technical Elective)
Area Course
Thermofluids ME 511: Fluid Mechanics
ME 521: Advanced Thermodynamics
ME 630: Advanced Heat Transfer
ME 615: Microfluidics
ME 513: Biological Fluid Dynamics
GROUP V (Restricted ME Graduate Mathematical Elective)
Area Course
Mathematics ME 501: Mathematical Techniques in Mechanical Engineering
ME 503: Numerical Methods in Mechanical Engineering
ME 552: Finite Element Method
ME 519: Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos
GROUP VI (Graduate Elective or Undergraduate Elective) (Graduate Elective)
Mathematics Physics Chemistry Molecular Biology and Genetics Computer Engineering Electrical and Electronics Engineering Industrial Engineering Mechanical Engineering
Material Science or Nanotechnology